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If my car has upgrades or modifications can I sell it for more?

Typically you will not increase the value of your car by upgrading or modifying certain items. For example you should keep your original stereo and put it back in before selling. You will not get anymore for an aftermarket stereo from a dealer, if you have installed one. The same goes for tinted windows, modified steering wheels, valet doors, etc.

You have to think about the masses when selling your car. You may have liked it that way, but not everyone will. You will typically not get the money back that you put into it.

If you are going to modify the vehicle you should make it easy to put it back to its original state. This also gives you the opportunity to sell the upgraded parts separately. This may bring you closer to what you really want for the vehicle.

There are things that will add value to the car, like new tires or an extra set of tires and rims. Ensure the vehicle has good brakes. Any service that is recommended for the vehicle, if done, can get you more money and definitely a faster sale.

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Buying and Selling a Used Vehicle in Ontario

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By Ontario law, private sellers of most motor vehicles, including motorcycles, must provide buyers with a Used Vehicle Information Package. This package guides you through the process of buying or selling and helps you understand your rights and responsibilities.

Did you know?

Every year, over one million used vehicles change ownership in Ontario.

The used Vehicle Information Package (UVIP) includes:

Description of the vehicle

  • Vehicle Indentification Number (VIN)
  • Plate Number
  • Year, Make
  • Model
  • Colour
  • Body Type
  • Cylinders
  • Power
  • Status
  • Brand
  • Ontario vehicle registration history
  • Odometer information
  • Outstanding debts (link to liens) on the vehicle
  • Wholesale and retail values for the vehicle's model and year, if available
  • Retail sales tax requirements
  • Bill of sale
  • Tips on vehicles safety standards inspections

Who needs a Used Vehicle Information Package?

You need a package only if you are privately selling a:

  • Car
  • Van
  • Light truck (gross weight of 3,000 kilograms or less)
  • Self-propelled motor home
  • Motorcycle

Some transfers may not require a Used Vehicle Information Package. For information on exemptions, spousal transfer and other types of transfers, complete the feedback form or contact Service Ontario's Driver and Vehicle Contact Centre:

Toronto area: 416-235-2999

Toll free: 1-800-387-3445 (Canada wide)

Why do buyers need a Used Vehicle Information Package?

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What is a Lien and How Do I Get a Car Lien Release?

A lien on your car is in place because you financed your car through the bank or finance company and the lender has secured a portion of the loan amount with the value of the vehicle. You cannot sell a vehicle with a lien on it, without the lender's permission. It can, however, be sold as long as the loan is paid off. For example if you still owe $8000.00 on the car, that is what you would need to pay the lender in order to transfer the ownership or title to you or a buyer. Having a lien on your vehicle is quite all right. When you finance a new or used vehicle through the bank or finance company, the debt is secured by placing the lender's name on the car's ownership as a lienholder. This helps buyers secure car loans, since the banks secure the car as collateral until the loan is paid in full. When you no longer owe money on your car, the bank or finance company will remove the lien on the vehicle.

How do I obtain a payout amount?

Contact the bank or finance company with whom you took out your car loan out, and ask them for a payoff amount. Your bank will generally give you payoff amount with a daily interest amount. If you sell your car too long after the payoff date, you will need to obtain a new amount before finalizing the sale. The payoff amount will be the amount the bank or finance company must receive in order to release its lien on your car.

How do I obtain lien release?

When the bank or finance company receives the full amount owed on the vehicle loan, they will release their lien and send you documentation. This is called a lien release. If you pay off the loan at the bank or finance company keep the receipt as proof that the loan has been paid out. The new owners will also probably request a copy of this also.

At SELLMYCARIN30MINUTES.COM we buy cars with liens on them and our staff will help you along the way ensure that the above steps are followed and that there are no liens on your vehicle or to your credit. We will make out two separate cheques if necessary; one to the bank or finance company and, if there is surplus funds from your trade-in's value, one directly made out to you. You also have the option of paying us the difference if there is a negative amount and we will ensure that the loan is paid out in full.

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How Do I Sell My Car Fast and Get the Most Cash?

There are certain things you can do in order to sell your car fast, for the most cash you can!

  1. Make sure it is clean. Before bringing your car in, take it through the car wash and vacuum it out, that way it doesn't look like you live in it.
  2. Take the car in to have it looked at if there some sort of noise coming from the car. Have a mechanic look it over and determine whether you should fix it or not. This could determine how fast you sell your car and how much cash you’ll get.
  3. If you have service records, make them available. Let the potential buyer know that they are welcome to look or go through them. Now I know this is a hard one but if there is body damage, you may want to get it fixed or at the very least, get a repair estimate. This gives you the opportunity to know the cost, so if someone throws a number out there, you will be educated and prepared.
  4. Research to find out what range your vehicle is selling for in your area. You can do this by searching online and obtaining the used vehicle package from the ministry, as this will give you an estimate as to the value.
  5. If you want to sell your car fast for cash, be flexible on your price. Don't be stuck on a firm number.

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